Artatel provide solutions to companies to reduce telephone costs by Warranty:
  • The cost of a minimum 20% down
  • The sound quality is good

Who is in accordance with Artatel service?
1. Companies that already have or have not used the PABX.
2. Companies / individuals who want to reduce costs Telephone with good sound quality.
3. Companies / individuals who have difficulty getting additional telephone line.
4. Companies / individuals who do not want to buy a new PABX or want to upgrade the current shortage PABXnya.


Gateway System

Configuration of existing PBX system is still used to manage routing "call out" from the user according to the tariff and reliabilit

Artatel Clients

Our client such as Oil and Gas, Banking, Insurance, Fast Food, Hotel, Service, etc

Plug & Play System

The existing PABX setting are not changed at all and we can used with the variety of PABX Brands (Panasonic, Avaya, Nortel, NEC, Phillips, Siemens,

Total Solution

If the location does not have PBX, our device can be used as a PBX that can be run by :

a. PSTN Analog Line

b. PSTN Digital Line (

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